Difficulty of Dietary Change and AMD

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The mission of MacularPatients.com is to provide patients and their families cutting-edge research on epigenetic treatments for macular degeneration, since it is strongly a genetic disease.

In another blog I discuss the problems in developing a genetic drug to treat macular degeneration and why it’s not likely we’ll see such a newly-developed drug for some time.
That leaves two areas for us to work on: behavior in general and diet in particular.

Going Forward

A dedicated approach to a macular degeneration lifestyle is not easy.
Though self-motivation may come with relatively little pain, that will probably not be the case with spouses or children. Of any age.

If you have macular degeneration, research indicates your diet was probably deeply involved. This means it will probably require major changes in what you eat and what you don’t eat, and that’s a double challenge.

The first challenge to for you to learn to resist eating items you’ve always like and to which you may literally be addicted. I’ve had very few patients who could go more than a week without sugar or refined grains, and most quit in a few days.

It’s hard to eat a healthy diet in Western societies. Advertising bombards us, giving the impression manufactured food is healthy food.
Oftentimes it’s not.

To change and eat a diet without the elevated sugar levels, manufactured fats and oils and added chemicals so popular in our society is to thumb your nose at much of what is sacred to society.

If that weren’t enough of a challenge to change, there’s a second challenge that’s often worse.

Close But No Cigar

Your family and friends who don’t have a serious desire to change their diets may sympathize, but will not necessarily wish to follow your lead. This can lead to repetitive issues when it comes to meal planning.

It can be very lonely. Dean Ornish says the greatest epidemic in our society is depression. Add that to macular degeneration and it can be very lonely.

Use this website to connect with us and with other macular degeneration patients in the same boat as you.

Continue to learn and become knowledgeable concerning the epigenetic treatments of macular degeneration. The knowledge will give you strength.

We wish you success in your journey.