Epigenetic Treatment and Dietary Change

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Some patients grimace when we discussed the changes in diet that research indicates to be necessary to treat macular degeneration.  “Isn’t there just a pill I can take?”

This is a the equivalent of being a diabetic, taking insulin shots and eating chocolate cake for every meal.

The problem is, your diet’s the problem. The majority of my patients say they eat healthy meals, but they think it’s “normal” because the TV advertisements have convinced them the processed, packaged, sugar-laden food they eat is healthy.

In reality, much of what you find for sale in grocery stores is terribly unhealthy, and research demonstrates this is so. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and macular degeneration are the result.

If you’ve read our free report, Research Summary: Genetics, Epigenetics and Macular Degeneration Treatment, you know that your 10,000 year old genes don’t look kindly on “new and improved” food. They react by switching off your healthy genes and activating your macular degeneration disease genes.

And yet each year that goes by there are more unpronounceable chemicals added to our genetically engineered, sweetened foods.

Are these chemicals producing negative epigenetic effects, triggering the development or the worsening of macular degeneration? No one knows for certain, but the studies look that way. It’s a giant experiment, and we’re the lab rats.

In our research summary dealing with dietary research for macular degeneration, Western-style diets were about 360% more risky for macular degeneration than an Oriental-style diet.

And all you heard about was the 25% reduction in patients going to advanced macular degeneration when they take the AREDS formula vitamin.

Great priorities.

Are We There Yet?

My wonderful father had strong feelings about eating healthy food. He said it didn’t really make you live longer, it just seems so much longer. He called his, “The Taste Good Diet”: if it tasted good, he had to spit it out.

From time to time I’ll use the analogy that human beings are doing the equivalent of putting kerosene in the gas tank of a new luxury automobile, and wondering why it runs so poorly. It’s probably my drag racing past coming back to haunt me, but it’s a good analogy.

The human body is a marvel of bioengineering and yet we put unnatural, industrial food in it three times a day every day and wonder why we get sick.

Sugar, Our National Drug

Sugar is as addicting as cocaine. Studies that have found this to be so. Cocaine is like lighting a fire with napalm. Sugar’s high is slower and less intense, but just as real. Unlike cocaine, it takes sugar years to burn up your cells and trigger diseases. And it makes your macular degeneration worse.
And yet we put it in everything. We feed it to our kids. In fact, we feed a lot of it to our kids.

If I were into conspiracies, I’d say the fast food industry and the drug companies have a deal. The fast food industry gets us for the first 40 years, and the pharmaceutical companies get us the last 40 years.

Eat real, healthy food. It’s not the easy way, but the research indicates it’s really important.

Dr. Ron