Imagine you’re suddenly face-to-face with your doctor. He looks at you with concern and says,

“You have cancer. There are several things that would help. Changing your diet has been shown to help and so would some special medication. You could also stop smoking. Which one would you like to try?”

Macular Patient

I suspect most patients, struck by the severity of the situation, would try all of the available options and not just a single one.

I’m also very sure that any eye doctor worth his or her salt would be doing everything the research has shown to be beneficial to treat his or her own macular degeneration.

So that’s what we did for you with our Research Summaries. We looked over a couple of hundred studies from major ophthalmology and scientific journals that analyzed various treatments for macular degeneration and picked about a hundred of the best ones.

Then we summarized what the studies suggested about causes and treatments in simple, non-doctor language.

Following the Research Summaries you’ll find the Special Reports, where we expand on the Research Summaries information and discuss how it impacts your daily life. Research Summaries

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