The Research Summaries include:

  • Macular Degeneration Vitamins.

    VitaminD-squareDo you think your,” eye vitamins” will keep you seeing well? Research indicates otherwise, especially if that’s all you do.

  • Diet and Macular Degeneration.

    Woman-veggies-squareDo you use corn oil or canola oil? Eat lots of red or processed meats and lots of sugary goodies? Studies show diet has a huge impact on macular degeneration. For many macular degeneration patients, this will be the most important section.

  • Cardiovascular Disease and AMD.

    HeartArrack-squareUnderstand the intimate connection between heart disease and macular degeneration, and how macular degeneration increases your odds of dying.

  • Exercise, Obesity and AMD.

    exerciseResearch indicates exercise is as important as your eye vitamin and fat cells are your vision’s worst enemy. This report will show you why.

  • Critical Carotenoids and AMD.

    Carotenoids are pigments that produce the orange, red and yellow colors in many plants and vegetables. These beauties are absolutely essential if you want better vision. This report is one of the most important for macular degeneration treatment.

  • Marijuana, Tobacco and AMD.

    More and more states are legalizing pot. It’s time for a discussion based on the research, but is there any?

  • Eye Injections for AMD.

    Injections in your eyes may improve your vision, but the original, underlying cause is still there, waiting. Use the time wisely and take action to try to improve your disease.

  • Sunglasses and AMD.

    Wear blue blocking sunglasses. However, there’s also a contrary view. Can you overdo it?

Some patients, after reading the Research Summaries, realize there is actually a great deal they can do to try to stabilize or even improve their macular degeneration. That leads us to our next section.

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