Take This Information to Your Eye Doctor

Dr. Guiley

It’s important that you understand I’m not bringing this website to you as your eye doctor. I’m bringing this website to you as just another member of society who happens to be offering you information on macular degeneration research.

I will decipher the studies and tell you what they suggest as possible treatments. However, since I don’t know you anything about you, I can’t recommend you do any of the treatments suggested in the research. Diagnosis is the most important factor to determine treatment, and I’ve not diagnosed you.

Depending on your physical condition, some of these treatments might actually be bad for your health.
So please look at all of our publications as possible treatments to discuss with your own eye doctor for approval. Take the studies with you and if he or she disagrees find out exactly why.

What is it in the study or studies that he or she finds to be incorrect?

Only undertake these treatments after you gain approval from your eye doctor. MacularPatients.com is not responsible.